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Who We Are

Its Artsee Live is the place where people come to find “LIVE ART ENTERTAINMENT” for their special events nationwide.
We are a talented group of artists who come to your event, such as weddings, corporate events, bar mitzvah’s, galas and any other types of group gatherings, and create a live painting of your event for the crowd. We can do a venue painting where we paint it ourselves, or we can do an interactive painting where the audience can come up, grab a brush, and start painting with us. We also have a large variety of other products that we offer, to give you multiple options for the best possible experience.  

Our artists are not only talented, but also professional, and easy to work with. We maintain the highest standards in the business, and strive to give our clients the kind of response that will have them coming back time and time again. Every event we do, we look to impress your guests, as well as our clients.


The artists that we employ are well trained in painting, working in live settings, and getting the crowd involved. You can be sure that if you have Its Artsee Live at your event, you will have the best.

Kat Sauder
Interactive Painting
Venue Painting
Creative Reveal
Fashion Sketch
Art Classes
Kat Sauder
Jim Trovato
Jim Trovato
Sales & Marketing

The creative artist at IAL is Kat Sauder, and she brings her own unique background and skill set, as well as years of experience working as a live artist. From simple team building exercises to developing full artistic showcases, Kat works passionately to infuse her exquisite artistry into every experience, providing her own unique element to each event and leaving your guests in awe and inspired.

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