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It's Artsee Live is a Cleveland-based live art entertainment company that travels internationally. We specialize in live art event painting, interactive art, fashion sketches, and more!

Your special moments will be captured on canvas by our talented artists. We also provide interactive art services where your guests or attendees can participate in painting a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Some include weddings, music, corporate, sporting, and religious events.

​Our artists are the best in their field. They are skilled at working with the crowd while delivering an unforgettable experience.




Interactive Painting

Our artists will prepare an illustration  and your guests will grab a brush and fill it all in. Our interactive experiences bring your guests to the painting and keeps them involved.

IMG_8200 (1).HEIC

Solo Artist

Our artists will live paint a special moment from your wedding; be it exchanging your vows or a portrait of the bride and groom.


Corporate Events

Our artists will come to your corporate event to create art of your choice. From caricatures and fashion sketches to large venue painting, the options are limitless!

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