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Art Class

No need to register or enroll, we bring the art class to you! 
Your guests will get their own canvas and set of paints & brushes, as our artists guide them into creating their own masterpiece they can be proud of.  No experience necessary!  Create a more personal and enriching experience for your guests with something fun, unique, and memorable.  Not only will they leave with a piece of art they created themselves, but also a lesson in artistic expression!
paint brushes.jpg

PRICE: $1000

1 Professional Artist and All material

Staging requirements:

Tables and chairs for painting stations, adequate lighting

S/H- starts at $400

It’s Artsee Live can ship/deliver the art pieces after at is completed. Typically, the artist will leave the artwork with the clients, once they are finished. It is then the responsibility of the client or event planner to handle the art pieces. If the client requests to have It’s Artsee Live handle or ship the artwork, an additional shipping/handling fee will be assessed.


All events held in Cuyahoga County are considered “local” and are not subject to any travel costs. Any events OUTSIDE of Cuyahoga County may be subject to travel costs, and will require a quote for possible overnight travel accommodations


1 artist for 3 hours

All Materials

Client keeps the finished art piece

Up to 20 people


$50 - each additional person after 20 people

$150 - each additional hour


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