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Interactive Painting

S/H - starts at $400

It’s Artsee Live can ship/deliver the art pieces after at is completed. Typically, the artist will leave the artwork with the clients, once they are finished. It is then the responsibility of the client or event planner to handle the art pieces. If the client requests to have It’s Artsee Live handle or ship the artwork, an additional shipping/handling fee will be assessed.


All events held in Cuyahoga County are considered “local” and are not subject to any travel costs. Any events OUTSIDE of Cuyahoga County may be subject to travel costs, and will require a quote for possible overnight travel accommodations

Your guests can be part of the action
by giving them an interactive art experience, where they help create the artwork!  Whether it’s a large canvas or a different surface of your choice, we bring a piece with a pre-drawn illustration (logo, slogan, or image that fits your theme) and your guests will grab a brush and fill it all in while our artists help guide them to create a masterpiece.  Your guests can also sign the art piece, creating a unique “artistic guestbook”.  Our Interactive experiences bring your guests to the art and keep them involved!

Call 216-533-1500 for pricing      

Acrylic paint or chalk drawing



1 artist

All materials

The finished art piece

$165 each additional hour (per artist)

$750 each additional canvas


Ask about CUSTOM images (e.g. logo/slogans)



Staging requirements:

Minimum of 10’x10’ space, adequate lighting, table, electrical outlet

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